Chapter 1: Betrayed by a Jerk

The sound of rain pattering is subsiding. Leaves of a Magnolia tree at the entrance appeared to be lush. A group of children cheered, heading to the school bus. Under the magnificent and lush Magnolia tree, Xu Rong Rong is smiling while holding an umbrella. She bids goodbye to her students. Even though warmth and kindness appeared on her face, Xu Rong Rong knows that her heart had already gone tens of thousands of miles away.

Today is his boyfriend, Gu Yan Ze birthday. They have been dating for four years. Xu Rong Rong had prepared a gift a few days ago and planning to give it to him after class today. But, unfortunately, heaven isn’t in her side today. It started to rain when the class was about to end.

After sending the last group of students, Xu Rong Rong takes the present and heading to Gu Yan Ze’s house. In the high-end apartment in Xin Lin Yuan, Xu Rong Rong is going to the 18th floor. However, when she is about to ring the doorbell, she realized that the door is unlocked.

Why so careless? Gu Yan Ze always said she is reckless. He is the same as well. However, this was fine. She could sneak in and surprise Gu Yan Ze. Xu Rong Rong smiles, crept in with the gift that she selected carefully. A photo of a couple inside the pink crystal hourglass in the gift box symbolizes love.

After entering the house, there is an unopened cake box in the living room, and no dishes is served. Maybe he is waiting for her?

Xu Rong Rong feels sweet, heading to the bedroom. However, her footsteps stop at the door, and she is stunned as if strike by lightning. In the room, her boyfriend Gu Yan Ze and her friend Shen Ya Ting are entangling together.


The image was unsightly and disgusting. Gu Yan Ze noticed Xu Rong Rong, immediately gathered the quilt, and charged to Xu Rong Rong to explain, “Rong Rong, listen to me…”

“I saw it!” Xu Rong Rong pushes his hand away as he was trying to hug her. Eyes turned red, tears about to drop.

“Rong Rong”, Gu Yan Ze says while trying to pull her to his embrace. But, to his surprise, Xu Rong Rong bites him when she tried to struggle free.

“Ah.” Gu Yan Ze is shocked, thus shakes off Xu Rong Rong. Due to the impact, she is thrown to the floor. The hourglass crystal that she is holding crashed into pieces. To say coincidence or not, the photo in the crystal is torn in the middle of the picture.

“Xu Rong Rong, you are crazy!”

Upon seeing this, Shen Ya Ting runs to Gu Yan Ze and checks his injuries instantly, shouting at Xu Rong Rong, “You are a lunatic!”

Gu Yan Ze squeezed Shen Ya Ting’s hand, hinting he is okay. Then, looking at Shen Ya Ting, concerned about him, Gu Yan Ze made up his mind.  

With a solemn expression, Gu Yan Ze says to Xu Rong Rong , “Since you have found out, I will be honest.”

Xu Rong Rong’s heart sank.

For four years together with Gu Yan Ze, the second young master of Gu Corporation always jokes and laughs. However, this expression of him is the second time Xu Rong Rong had seen him.

The first time was when he confessed his feeling.  


“Rong Rong, honestly, Ting Ting and me have been together for a month. I didn’t tell you afraid you will be sad…”


Gu Yan Ze didn’t finish his talking. Xu Rong Rong is looking at him with tears.

A pair of eyes that are clear and lively, now changed to disappointment and empty, making him seemed like he has done something unforgivable, and suddenly, he couldn’t bear it. 

“Yan Ze..” Upon seeing this, Shen Ya Ting hurriedly pulled Gu Yan Ze over and blocked his view by standing in front of him. Then, with arrogance, she looked at Xu Rong Rong, “Xu Rong Rong, I have had enough of your act trying to gain sympathy. Pretend to be wronged!”

Is this my best colleague?

Hooked up with my boyfriend and insults me?

“You always have this expression, innocent and pure like a baby. What is the era now? Are you planning to guard your chastity forever? Yan Ze has been with you for four years. For four years, the best gift you have given him ever are kisses and holding hands!”

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