Chapter 10

“Sure, our girl finally grows up. Know how to save food.” Lai Man Yuan chuckled. 

During dinner, Lai Man Yuan mentioned the previous Xiao Tong’s childhood. She was slim initially. However, after Yun Feng said the previous Xiao Tong was thin as a match stick and wind could blow her away, She decided to gain weight. However, due to excessive overeating and unable to control eating habits, the ‘previous Xiao Tong’ gained weight in a short time.

Xiao Tong also learned that the previous Xiao Tong was afraid of dogs because Yun Feng’s pet dog nearly bites her. Yun Feng’s dog was an aggressive type and would bite anyone who tried to pat it. At that time, the previous Xiao Tong was nine years old and excited to see the dog. When she came near the dog, it growled and barked at her without hesitation. Suddenly, the dog pounced at her. Luckily Aunt Su Li managed to grab the dog’s collar and save Xiao Tong in time.


Tsk tsk. Yun Feng again. Xiao Tong was wondering. Nothing good will happen if anything relates to Yun Feng.

“Mom, I’m full. Let’s go for a walk.” Said Xiao Tong. Xiao Tong had a habit of strolling after had a full meal. She would feel better.

Lai Man Yuan was surprised. Her daughter suggested a walk. Lai Man Yuan never imagined that her daughter, who was lazy to move around, will go strolling. Lai Man Yuan thought it was a good idea and agree to it. Both daughter and mom walked around the yard.

“Mom, these roses are beautiful! And it smells nice too.” Xiao Tong said.

“Xiao Tong, these roses are planted by your dad. He knew mom likes roses, so he planted them. Anytime, mom can see roses.” Lai Man Yuan said while smiling.

“Father is a romantic guy! Mom, how do you both meet and end up married?” Xiao Tong curiously asked.

“At that time, your dad was working while studying. His family’s financial situation not so good. To support the family, your dad, as the eldest son, had no choice but to work. He did random works, from selling the newspaper to deliver milk from house to house. One day, your dad found a wallet on the street. Without hesitation, he returned the wallet to the owner. The owner happened to be your grandfather. It’s a fate.” Lai Man Yuan chuckled.


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