Chapter 11

“You silly girl.” Said Lai Man Yuan while poking Xiao Tong’s head.

“Mom, where is grandfather? I want to meet wise grandfather.” Asked Xiao Tong.

“Xiao Tong, grandfather live far away. At Country X. Mom will bring you to visit him when we have time.” Said Lai Man Yuan

Lai Man Yuan decided not to inform Xiao Tong about grandfather’s condition at the moment.


“Let’s go inside. It’s getting chilled.” Said Lai Man Yuan.

“Xiao Tong, Mom, and dad hired a personal trainer and nutritionist to help you lose weight healthily. Mom hopes that you wouldn’t mind.” Said Lai Man Yuan and hoped that Xiao Tong didn’t make a fuss.

Xiao Tong’s method was too drastic when it came to losing weight. Consumed varying slimming products without verifying, refused to exercise, unhealthy diet. These had deteriorated her health.

Xiao Tong was excited and said, “Thank you, mom. I will diligently exercise and eat healthily from now onwards.”

“By the way, you will start your school tomorrow. You will be able to see your dream man, Yun Feng, very soon.” Lai Man Yuan teased Xiao Tong while wearing earrings and walking out hurriedly.

“Mom is going to work and will be back for dinner.” Said Lai Man Yuan hurriedly.

Xiao Tong was a bit scared to go back to school. She didn’t know where her class and seat were. At that moment, Xiao Tong recalled that she saw a handphone on the makeup desk when she was exploring her room. Xiao Tong quickly climbed the stairs and looked for the handphone.

In WeChat App, there were many notifications from chatgroups. One of them from a chat group called Three Lovely Princess.


“Even chatgroup name sound scornful.” Mumbled Xiao Tong.


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