Chapter 13


Xiao Tong checked conversations from recent to history and found that actually, they were the best friend of ‘previous Xiao Tong’. However, they were good for nothing. They encouraged ‘previous Xiao Tong’ to take the slimming pills! Not to mention all sorts of dirty tricks and tactics to pursue Yun Feng, which made Yun Feng hated the ‘previous Xiao Tong’ even more. Xiao Tong decided to monitor her ‘best friend’ and situation at the school first. With a bad temper and rude behavior of the previous Xiao Tong, who knew how many enemies were there. Xiao Tong didn’t want to make a rash decision that was non-beneficial to her. But first, Xiao Tong needed to know where her class was, her seat, and her classmates too. Hence, Xiao Tong asked in the group chat to meet her at the school entrance tomorrow morning.


At school entrance. “Morning, Xiao Tong. How are you feeling?” asked Jun King while examining Xiao Tong.

“Hmm. You have become slim. That means the slimming pill is effective.” Said Jun King.

“I’m fine. About the slimming pill, do you verify authenticity before introduce it to me?” Asked Xiao Tong.

Jun King was surprised and trembled. At that moment, Mei Jiang appeared and excitedly greeted them. “Morning, girls! What are you waiting? Let’s go in before the bell ring!”

Jun King was relieved that Mei Jiang interrupted their conversations at the crucial moment.

“Xiao Tong, let’s go see your dream man,” said Mei Jiang. Before Xiao Tong could protest, Mei Jiang hurriedly grabbed Xiao Tong and led her to a classroom. Jun King followed behind annoyedly.

“Xiao Tong, see. Your dream man is there.” Said Mei Jiang while pointing at Yun Feng.

Yun Feng was sitting near the window and listening to music while crossing her hands. He looked calm and charming.

Yun Feng spotted Xiao Tong, and without hesitation, he turned his head and looked out of the window. His seat was the last row, next to a window. He looked calm and charming.

Xiao Tong turned her head and saw Jun King was admiring Yun Feng. Could she…?

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