Chapter 14


Xiao Tong heard noises from the side and looked for the noise source. It turns out few girls were admiring Yun Feng as well. 

Yun Feng had many fangirls. Many girls dreamt of becoming his girlfriend. Every year especially Valentine’s Day, many girls would approach Yun Feng to give chocolate. Some would secretly hide the gift and letters in Yun Feng’s drawer. Xiao Tong thought she should not come near Yun Feng or had any relation to him to avoid girls fighting. Xiao Tong did not want to involve this kind of thing.

Go to page 153 and try the equation.” Said Teacher Gao.

“Hao Ming, solve this equation.” Said Teacher Gao to the class president.

Hao Ming was an intelligent student. Not only was he good in the academy, but he also actively participated in sports. Other than Yun Feng, Hao Ming was popular among female classmates as well.

“I’m done, teacher.” Said Hao Ming.

“Good! Not a single mistake.” Praised Teacher Gao.

“Alright, everyone. Our lesson stops here. Don’t forget to revise. The exam is around the corner.” Said Teacher Gao.

Xiao Tong was surprised. Nobody told her that the exam was coming soon! Xiao Tong panicked.

“Jun King, when is the exam?” Asked Xiao Tong.

“One month from now.” Answered Jun King.

Xiao Tong frowned.

“What’s wrong? You’ve never cared about studying. All you care about is Yun Feng.” Teased Jun King.

Xiao Tong was not in the mood to entertain Jun King’s tease. Actually, the previous Xiao Tong became uninterested in studying because of Jun King’s influence. Jun King would distract the previous Xiao Tong’s attention and try all sorts of methods to make her grade down. Moreover, Jun King was jealous of Xiao Tong. Xiao Tong had wealthy parents, and Jun King heard rumors that Yun Feng sooner or later would engage with Xiao Tong. All these added fuels to hating Xiao Tong.

During recess, Xiao Tong accidentally saw a female classmate confess her feeling and hoping Yun Feng would accept her as a girlfriend. But, without hesitation, Yun Feng walked past her and didn’t even reply or say anything. in other words, Yung Feng ignored her.

Xiao Tong thought Yun Feng would reject the girl at the very least. Instead, he ignored the girl. He was rude and not a gentleman at all. Xiao Tong didn’t find Yun Feng appealing and decided to treat Yun Feng as a stranger.

Xiao Tong walked past Yun Feng like a stranger. Previously, Xiao Tong used to pester Yun Feng and talked non-stop. But now, things change.

Yun Feng thought Xiao Tong changed her tactic and vowed that he wouldn’t fall in love with Xiao Tong.

Xiao Tong was in trouble. In the toilet, three girls surrounded Xiao Tong with an angry face.

“Fatty, don’t ever go close to Yun Feng again. You are ugly and fat.” A tall girl with braided hair scolded Xiao Tong.

Another short girl poked at Xiao Tong’s should hard and said, “You are not deserved to be with Yun Feng.”

Suddenly another girl with short hair splashed water at Xiao Tong, “This is warning only. Next time, we won’t stop with water splashing.”

One by one left Xiao Tong.

When Xiao Tong came out of the toilet, a tall guy nearly bumped into her.

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