Chapter 15

“How was it? Have fun?” said Yun Feng while grinning.

“You knew I’m in trouble. Why don’t you do anything?” Asked Xiao Tong while wiping water dripping from her face.

“Why should I? It is not life and death. You are not related to me anyway.” Said Yun Feng while walking away.

For an unknown reason, Yun Feng felt uneasy and followed three girls who had cunning looks aimed at Xiao Tong. It turns out they were bullying Xiao Tong. Before Yun Feng could rush in, the three girls walked out with a satisfying look. Yun Feng tiptoed into the toilet and saw Xiao Tong was sobbing. At that time, Yun Feng felt his heart squeezed. He didn’t know what kind of feeling he had just now. It was uncommon to him. Looking at Xiao Tong was not hurt and just wet. Yun Feng decided to wait outside.

Xiao Tong never met this type of guy before! Unreasonable and not a gentleman at all. After all, Xiao Tong’s mom was his mom’s best friend, and they knew each other since they were kids.

“My beloved students, we have an upcoming event three months later. All of you have to participate, and I will grade your performance. Our performing art is titled “Beauty and The Beast.” As usual, our top scorer performing art, Yun Feng, would take the male main character.” Said Teacher Elizabeth excitedly.

Female classmates were happy and excited. All of them wanted the female lead role! Meanwhile, Xiao Tong was not excited at all. She would be delighted if she got a side role as she was not interested in acting.

Teacher Elizabeth was in a dilemma as all-female students volunteer to become a female lead. After a moment, Teacher Elizabeth comes with a lucky draw idea.

“My beloved students, inside this box, contain different roles from a side role to a female lead role. Now, each of you takes a turn to pick a role.” Explained Teacher Elizabeth.

“Teacher, what if a guy gets the female role?” Asked student.

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