Chapter 16


Everyone in the class laughed hysterically at funny questions thrown by the student. Teacher Elizabeth waved, and students calm down. 

“Then, that guy needs to perform the role. Acting didn’t differentiate between genders. Remember, a good actor and actress able to perform any role given.” Said Teacher Elizabeth.

Teacher Elizabeth started to write down all roles on a whiteboard. Then, one by one, those who had picked the part wrote their name at the assigned position on the whiteboard. When Xiao Tong’s turn, Xiao Tong prayed hard that she would not get the female lead role.

God must be playing with her. Guess what, she got a female lead role! All-female students gasped and glared at Xiao Tong. Jun King clenched her fist while trying to hide her emotion. A male student suddenly shouted, “It’s truly Beauty and the Beast. Hahahahaha.”

All the students suddenly laughed at Xiao Tong. Xiao Tong felt ashamed. Yun Feng was a handsome guy, and she was ugly. They should swap roles to match the theme.

“All silent! Scripts will distribute to all of you. Remember to attend practices.” Said Teacher Elizabeth.

Rinnnggg. Bell rang, indicating last class ends.

Xiao Tong was exhausted. She felt the morning was a long day. Xiao Tong needs to catch up on lessons, especially mathematics. Not to mention, she needed to practice acting with Yun Feng. Xiao Tong wanted to avoid him as much as she could, but fate played her.

“Miss, you are back. Lunch is ready.” Said Ah Sa.

“Great! Need food to recharge. After this, I need to catch up on my study.” Xiao Tong walked over to the diner after putting the bag down.

“Miss, these dishes are specially created by a nutritionist for weight loss. Every day will have different types of dishes to suit your appetite and nourish your body.” Said Ah Sa

“Look forward to weight loss!” Xiao Tong started to dig in. The food was amazing. Should have hired a nutritionist a long time ago.

“Miss, Madam told me to pass the schedule to you. Please look at it.” Ah Sa passed the schedule to Xiao Tong.

“Schedule? What schedule is for” Xiao Tong asked Ah Sa.

“Miss, it’s a schedule for weight loss.  Miss will go to the gym every alternate day.” Said Ah Sa.

Xiao Tong blinked her eyes few times, trying to digest the schedule. Every alternate day for three hours. Xiao Tong wondered if she could fit in the program since she had an upcoming exam and a show to perform.

Xiao Tong’s feeling was down today as she failed a mock test. Xiao Tong thought she was doomed and was thinking of ways to improve her grade. In the middle of walking down the hall, she bumped into class president Hao Ming.

“Watch where you are going.” Said Hao Ming while rubbing his chest.

Xiao Tong suddenly had an idea.

“Hao Ming, can you teach me Mathematics, please?” Asked Xiao Tong sincerely. Her eyes were clear and pure. Looked like puppy eyes hoping the owner would give food.

Xiao Tong continued, “You are the best when it comes to mathematics. Your way of solving problems is genius. Even the teacher praised you. As long as you teach me, I’m willing to fulfill your request.”

“A request? Any request will do?” Asked Hao Ming.

“Yes, as long as I able to fulfill your request.” Said Xiao Tong.

Hao Ming pondered for a while and finally made a decision.

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