Chapter 17


“Ok. Deal! I don’t have a request that comes to my mind right now. I will tell you when the time comes.” Said Hao Ming.

“Alright! Let’s meet at my house this evening.” Smiled Xiao Tong.

For the first time, Hao Ming saw Xiao Tong smiled. A sincere smile with pure and clear eyes. Unconsciously, Hao Ming lightly smiled.

In the study room.

“Hao Ming, what is this?” asked Xiao Tong while holding stacks of paper handed by Hao Ming.

“To test your ability to solve problems. Don’t waste time, quickly do the test.” Said Hao Ming.

After Hao Ming marked the test, Hao Ming shook his head. The results were not good. She needs special lessons to improve her mathematics. Thus, Hao Ming decided to design lessons that suit Xiao Tong.

“Xiao Tong, your results were worse than I expected. You need to work hard if you want to pass the exam.” Said Hao Ming.

Hao Ming sounds so serious that Xiao Tong’s mood suddenly went down. Instantly, she was sad and worried. Hao Ming noticed her emotions changed and suddenly patted her head slowly, “Don’t worry. Under my guidance, you will pass the exam, and not only that, you will be better than average. Trust me. After all, I am a genius when it comes to mathematics.”

Xiao Tong slowly nodded and mischievously asked, “Will I get a reward if I did the exam well?”

“Hey, shouldn’t you reward me for teaching you well?” Hao Ming asked her back.

“Hmmm. It depends on your performance.” Grinned Xiao Tong.

Hao Ming laughed, “You will found out soon!”

“My beloved student, I believe you have gotten scripts by now. Don’t forget to attend practice according to the schedule.” Said Teacher Elizabeth.

Xiao Tong didn’t want to face Yun Feng. Let alone practice with him.


“Xiao Tong, you are lucky. With the female lead role, you’ll get close to Yun Feng.” Said Mei Jiang.

“Xiao Tong, many people envy you right now.” Said Jun King.

Xiao Tong smiled with no emotion. Those two seriously can get an actress award. Their acting was superb. If not because of slimming pills, Xiao Tong thought she would be cheated until they achieve their purpose.

“Alright, time to go for practice. See you tomorrow.” Said Xiao Tong while grabbing her bag.

After Mei Jiang and Jun King bid goodbye to Xiao Tong, both of their lips curved upward wickedly.

“Xiao Tong, let’s see if you could retain your role as the female lead. Humph!” said Mei Jiang.

“Xiao Tong, you are not deserved to have the role. You ugly fatty.” Said Jun King while clenching her fist.

“Mei Jiang, what is your plan?” Jun King curiously asked.

Mei Jiang leaned over and whispered. After few minutes, Jun King smiled with a satisfied look.

“Good plan Mei Jiang.” Jun King agreed to Mei Jiang’s plan.

“Xiao Tong, you are doomed!” Jun King laughed evilly.

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