Chapter 2 White Bunny Counterattack

“Xu Rong Rong, look at yourself. Except for being cute and acting like you are innocent, what qualifications do you have to be together Yan Ze?” Shen Ya Ting steps aside and pulls Gu Yan Ze’s arm. Then, pointing at the tooth marks, old and new wound that caused by nails scratched, “Look at this, this is how you treat him!”

Boyfriend’s betrayal and Shen Ya Ting’s ridiculousness keeps echoing in Xu Rong Rong’s ears.

In one month. One month!

Four years of love couldn’t be compared to one month.

They hooked up in a month. Forget about it. Why would Xu Rong Rong bblameon them? What’s wrong with keeping one chastity? This is called self-love.

At this moment, she clearly see the truth of this jerk, Gu Yan Ze.

Should she be thankful for her self-love?


Xu Rong Rong stands up. She has a petite body and a head shorter than Shen Ya Ting. At this moment, her eyes burst anger and didn’t  lose to Shen Ya Ting.

“What? What else do you want to do to him? You are an ugly woman who wants a pretty face but is not, want big boobs but flat, you…”


A crisp sound is heard in the house.


Shen Ya Ting blackout for a second and nearly fell. Then, holding half of her red and swollen face, Shen Ya Ting is stun, looking at Xu Rong Rong, who is like an angry tiger.

“What are you doing?” Gu Yan Ze hurriedly embraces Shen Ya Ting and, at the same time, ruthlessly pushed Xu Rong Rong. His eyes filled with disgust and hate.

Xu Rong Rong staggeringly holding the table to stand firm. However, she steps on broken pieces of the hourglass. Her foot is bleeding. Painful.

“Become a third party but still arrogant! Heaven will support this slap.”

Shen Ya Ting deserved this slap.

Xu Rong Rong resists the cut pain, “Don’t worry, I won’t cherish items that used before! Both of you are dirty. Good pair of a couple!

After finished talking, Xu Rong Rong gathered her pride and confidently left. The frail shoulder, significant steps walking past the broken pieces of crystal. Just like the crystal, everything is crushed and unable to fix anymore.

Walked with confidence if lose love. You cannot be weak in front of them. So don’t let them looked down on you!

When exiting, she heard Shen Ya Ting shouted, “Who are you to match, for what reason you are fit!”

The moment the door lift closed, Xu Rong Rong hopelessly cried. She used to see her friend crying over scumbag boyfriend told them they were stupid and advised them not to cry for a jerk. But now, is her turn. Finally, she knows that this type of tears is uncontrollable.


While she is crying heavily, she heard lift rang.

Xu Rong Rong’s face is pale, frantically looking up…

She has eye contact with a tall and handsome man who was standing, hands in his pockets. His eyes are deep, curious. But, perhaps, it is her crying heavily that makes people baffle.

Embarassing. In a second, she covers her side face and dashes out.

Too embarrassing! There is another person in the lift.

When she reached home, Xu Rong Rong become herself and, with full of spirits, “What is so great about Gu Yan Ze? I will find someone who is a hundred times and a thousand times better than you!”

After staying at home for half a month. Suddenly, Xu Rong Rong shouting at her mother, who is in the kitchen, “Mom, arrange a blind date for me!”

There is no reason for Xu Rong Rong to cry. Mother gave birth to her not for her to cry over this kind of man.

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