Chapter 2


“Xiao Tong, it’s a small gift from Papa and Mama. We hope you will be able to enjoy family love once again.”

“Remember, live well and be happy.” Then, Xiao Tong’s parents walked away from Xiao Tong.

Xiao Tong was shocked and refused to accept the ‘gift.’ She didn’t want to be somebody’s daughter. “Don’t go, Papa, Mama. Bring me together…” Xiao Tong hurriedly chases after her parent but to no avail. She wanted to be together with Papa and Mama.

“We have checked on the patient. Nothing is wrong. Just that, the patient is exhausted. She needs more rest. For head injuries, the wound is recovering. We will recheck the patient when she wakes up.” So said Doctor Li, family doctor. Lai Man Yuan finally eased her worries.

Lai Man Yuan regrets that she didn’t accompany her daughter, so she spoilt her daughter and gave her whatever she wants. Thus, Xiao Tong became a spoilt girl with a bad temper.  Xiao Tong’s head injuries were due to Xiao Tong’s carelessness. Two days ago, after Xiao Tong took the slimming pill. She started to feel dizzy, fell from the stairs, and knocked on her head.  Xiao Tong determined to lose weight by taking slimming pills, but she didn’t check on side effects as it was recommended by her best friend, Jun King. Thus, Xiao Tong took the pills without considerations.

“Doctor said you could go home after few days. How are you today? Do you feel pain?” Asked Lai Man Yuan while handing a glass of water to Xiao Tong.

Xiao Tong had woken up for few days and accepted the fate of replacing ‘Xiao Tong’.

“Thank you, mom. I’m fine.” Replied Xiao Tong while accepting the glass.

Since Xiao Tong accepted this role, she would try her best to become a good daughter and enjoy family love again.

Li Man Tian couldn’t believe that her daughter thanked his wife for a glass of water.

He was shocked. “Do you realize that our daughter’s emotion now is more stable than before? Previously, she would shout or ignore us. But now, she is calm and willing to talk to us.” Said Li Man Tian.


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