Chapter 4


Aunt Su Li looks elegant and beautiful, gentle yet firm, “Xiao Tong, how are you today? Do you feel better?”

A guy was walking with Aunt Su Li. He was a good-looking guy with phoenix eyes, a tall nose and forehead, and a good body proportion with a charming feel. No wonder the previous ‘Xiao Tong’ likes him a lot.

Yun Feng saw Xiao Tong look at them foolishly and said, “So, the rumors were true. You have become a fool.” Said Yun Feng sarcastically. Yun Feng didn’t like Xiao Tong because she would try all kinds of methods to pursue him. Too bad, not even the slightest feeling he had for Xiao Tong. Yun Feng resented Xiao Tong for bugging him all the time.

“Rui Yun Feng! What are you talking? Xiao Tong temporarily lost her memory. Watch what you are saying.” Said Aunt Su Li and glared at Yun Feng while lightly smacking his arm.

Aunt Su Li grabbed a bouquet of flower held by Yun Feng and gave to Xiao Tong.

“Xiao Tong, these flowers for you. Your favorite flower, Lily.”

Xiao Tong smiled and held the flowers. “Thank you, Aunt Su Li.” Coincidentally, Xiao Tong likes lily flowers. Xiao Tong smells the flowers and felt refreshed instantly.

At that moment, Xiao Tong looks like an angel. Warm sunlight shone upon Xiao Tong. Pure and clear eyes, hair drupes at the side and reached her chest. Soft look with gentle smiles.

Yun Feng was stunned. He had never seen this side of Xiao Tong before. All he remembered was Xiao Tong’s aggressiveness, bad temper, and clumsy.


His heartbeat was racing. Thump Thump.

There were strange feelings suddenly appeared, fluttering and uncommon to him.

Yun Feng touched his chest and felt that his heart beats faster than before. It cannot be.

Yun Feng quickly brushed his thought and tried to calm himself.

“I have a matter to attend. Please excuse me.” Yun Feng quickly left the room and thought that he should get a health check-up.

“Xiao Tong, please forgive Yun Feng’s manner. Aunt Su Li has been spoiling Yun Feng since he was young. That’s why he behaves that way.” Said Aunt Su Li.



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