Chapter 3 Military Invitation Blind Date

This is the second week of Xu Rong Rong attending blind date.

On this day, Xu Rong Rong is sitting in the coffee shop pretending to be a graceful lady. But, facing her is a thin, monkey-like-looking guy checking her up and down while drinking coffee.

“Um, I think.. we are not suitable.” Xu Rong Rong prepares to get up, suddenly heard a familiar voice—

“This is Rong Rong, right..” With a gentle and sweet voice, Xu Rong Rong knows who is the other person without her looking back.

Shen Ya Ting!

Immediately, Xu Rong Rong calms herself. Shen Ya Ting suffered a loss last time. She walks over like a water snake with a slender waist, and Shen Ya Ting’s charming look attracted the thin man!

“Xu Rong Rong, even if you had suffered in love, there is no need to be eager to sell yourself. People who don’t know will think you couldn’t get married.”

“Rong Rong, might as well help you to find a few guys. Your taste of a man too…” Gu Yan Ze hugs Shen Ya Ting after he finished paying the bill. His brows and eyes are full of pride. What could be happier than seeing your ex find a man that is inferior to him?

There is always them whenever she goes, just like a shadow. But, moreover, they shows affections. Don’t they afraid strike by lightning?


Xu Rong Rong took out a hundred bucks from her purse and slams on the table, “Give way.”

“Cheap couple.” Says Xu Rong Rong while passing them.

“You!” Shen Ya Ting’s face appeared like pig liver. She holds Gu Yan Ze’s hand tightly. Xu Rong Rong, you wait and see!

The morning sunshine is shining on a tall white poplar tree in the military area, the mottled shadow of the tree swaying in front of the window.

“What is this?” Zhan Yi Yang raises his head and calmly looking at the invitation card handed by a soldier.

“This is an invitation.” The soldier stammered as he is flustered by Zhan Yi Yang’s aura and domineering.  

“What kind of invitation?” Zhan Yi Yang frowns slightly. An unpleasant oppressive aura shows at the same time, “Talk clearly, don’t mumble.

The soldier is suppressed by Zhan Yi Yang aura. He holds up his chest and says everything in one breath, “Report major general. The senior officers decided to organize a military-civilian blind date in the military district. The invitations have been sending to unmarried women in the city and single officers in the military area.

“The chief mentioned that you must attend the event. Officers who failed to attend will receive punishment according to military law. Report over!” Seeing Zhan Yi Yang’s face become more solemn, the soldier speaks faster and immediately leaves Zhan Yi Yang’s office after reporting.

Actually, the soldier didn’t report the truth behind of the event. This event arrangement is for Zhan Yi Yang sake. The mighty general, Zhan Yi Yang is a rare and talented person, repeated outstanding military services. Unfortunately, his age is over thirty years old and there is no hint that he would get married and no woman on his side. Too bad.

Chief Jun started to worry. He shouldn’t neglect marriage matters just because of the army. That’s why Chief Jun came up with a blind date invitation.

Zhan Yi Yang is looking at the red letter that the soldier left.

His mood is down.

Due to the order from the chief, Zhang Yi Yang will attend the military-civilian blind date. But Zhan Yi Yang couldn’t guarantee whether he could find a suitable woman.


Zhan Yin Yang casually throws the invitation card in the drawer and continues to read the military report in front of him. To him, a blind date was an unimportant task.

At the same time, Xu Rong Rong is lying lazily on the sofa.

“What is this?” Xu Rong Rong asks curiously while looking at the red letter that her mother handed.

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