Chapter 3


“Of course, I notice the differences. Hubby, I like the Xiao Tong now.” Lai Man Yuan smiled.  

The previous Xiao Tong was not easy to deal with. Xiao Tong’s emotions always up and down. Like a roller coaster. Nobody can predict what would happen next. One incident carved in Li Man Yuan’s memory was; she was late to attend Xiao Tong’s birthday party. As a result, Xiao Tong threw birthday cake and gifts into the dustbin. She then shut herself for three days in a row without eating. Lai Man Yuan and Li Man Tian spent a lot of effort to coax and persuade Xiao Tong.

“Mom, I want to go home soonest.” Said Xiao Tong.

Xiao Tong didn’t like to stay in hospital. She would remind her grandmother that often in and out of the hospital due to terminal illness.

“Let me check with Dr. Li first. By the way, Mom purposely informed Aunt Su Li to bring Yun Feng. They will reach here anytime soon.” Said Li Man Yuan.

“Who are Yun Feng and Aunt Su Li?” Xiao Tong curiously asked.


Lai Man Yuan has forgotten that Xiao Tong lost her memories and thought with Yun Feng visited Xiao Tong, she would be excited. It turns out Xiao Tong had no reaction and couldn’t recall who Yun Feng was. Li Man Yuan sighed and decided to let Xiao Tong recovered her memories slowly.

“Aunt Su Li is my best friend. We have been knowing each other since secondary school.  Yun Feng is the son of Aunt Su Li. You have been begging and persuading mom and Aunt Su Li to let Yun Feng become your husband since you are ten years old.” Explained Lai Man Yuan

Xiao Tong was clueless when comes to a romantic relationship. She was never involved or interested in a romantic relationship before. Even though her appearance was average, many guys chase after her due to her good temperament and easygoing. Xiao Tong was not interested in this kind of relationship because she didn’t have time. Apart from taking care of Grandma Li, she had to work part-time jobs and studying. Xiao Tong decided to continue to pretend lost memory and treat Yun Feng as a friend

Xiao Tong and Lai Man Yuan turned their head towards the door when they heard the door opening sound.


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