Chapter 4: The Male God Soldier Brother

“Your aunt gave this to me.” Mother Xu answers Xu Rong Rong while picking vegetables for dinner in the kitchen.

“Your uncle and the people in the military district know each other. Just in time, that military district is organizing a blind date event. He heard that you have been on a blind date recently. So, your uncle inquires somebody for an invitation card especially for you. Said that soldier is more reliable than other men.”

“Military district? Soldier brother?” Xu Rong Rong mutters to herself while looking at the invitation card in her hand, imagining a soldier with a muscular physique, bronze skin, sexy six-pack abdomen muscles. Xu Rong Rong’s saliva almost drips. Then she stood up from the sofa excitedly.

“Soldier brother!” Male god ah. Xu Rong Rong laughs when she imagines with a tall soldier brother, who appeared in front of Gu Yan Ze and Shen Ya Ting.

Xu Rong Rong prepares a lot for this blind date. On the day of the blind date, Xu Rong Rong dressed up beautifully and even took a taxi to the military district to prevent her new dress from getting dirt. She is afraid that the bus will be crowded, soiled her dress and messed up her makeup.

“Wah, there are many women who can’t find a true partner these days.”

After paid and getting out of the taxi, Xu Rong Rong spotted crowds of people in the military area. It is more lively than watching the lanterns during Lantern Festival. Xu Rong Rong curiously looking around like a Grandma Liu, heading to Grand View Garden.

Xu Rong Rong and other people are guided to a conference hall. They filled out the form and waiting for the number to be called one by one.

After waiting for some time, finally, it was Xu Rong Rong turn. Xu Rong Rong straightened her skirt, stood up with a smile and followed a soldier brother with a smile. Inside the area, it seems to be set up temporarily for this blind date purpose.


After the soldier brother left, Xu Rong Rong smiled and bowed to the interviewers, “Hello!” The interviewers glanced at Xu Rong Rong, “You appeared to be less than 1.65m tall. Sorry, we require the blind date ladies to be at least 1.65m in height. So please go back. You do not meet our requirements.”

Listening to the interviewer, Xu Rong Rong rolled her eyes quietly and then her eyes turned red, forming tears. She looks at the interviewers with a bit of choked voice, “Not being tall is like a thorn in my heart. Didn’t expect you discriminate against people like this.”

While talking, Xu Rong Rong tears rolled down and the tough guys like iron frowned. The interviewer was about to shout in anger but held down by the leader, “This is a blind date, not your training ground.”

The moment Xu Rong Rong saw this, she felt likely to turn out well.

“How could you bully me, ah” Xu Rong Rong is sobbing, choked with emotion.

“Since young, I worship soldier you all defending the country like a warrior. That’s why I would like to marry a soldier since I was a kid. I come over hurriedly the moment I know there is a military-civilian blind date. Don’t reject me just because of the height issue, didn’t meet the requirement. Except for the height, I’m a good woman. I’m not afraid of being a soldier’s wife that needs to endure loneliness. I will be the strong backing. He focuses on defending the country, I will be at home take good care of my family. Take care of children and try my best not to trouble him. Certainly, I will be a good wife and a loving mother.” Xu Rong Rong says with emotion that more tears are rolling down.

“Little girl, thank you so much for your support to our soldiers, but you are still young and it may not be clear how great the responsibility of being a military sister in law is.” So the interviewer says with caution after being reminded by the chief just now.

Although Xu Rong Rong’s remarks moved the interviewer, he felt that Xu Rong Rong was not mature and didn’t wish Xu Rong Rong married to a soldier just because of worship feel.

After this, will Xu Rong Rong insist?

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