Chapter 5: Male God Soldier

“Although I am young, it doesn’t mean that my thoughts are immature.” Xu Rong Rong sniffs and said, “I know exactly what I am doing now. I am a kindergarten teacher and I often tell my students, you must set goals and work hard toward your goals. My goal is to marry a soldier and become a military’s wife. I want to be a military’s wife and can give my husband no worries. So your worries on me is not a problem.”

Few interviewers glanced at each other, then looked at Xu Rong Rong’s information had filled out. Finally, they discuss in a low voice, “What do you think of this little girl? Want to give her a pass?”

“The system is dead and people are alive. I think this little girl is pretty good. Although her age isn’t old, she understands a lot of life. seeing that she admires us, the soldiers, so much and wants to be a military wife, we can’t diminish her hopes just because of a small requirement!”

“This young lady is a kindergarten teacher. Every day with children. She must be caring. Moreover, her appearance is not bad, quite good-looking lady. I think we give her a pass.”

Few interviewers discussed. After some time, they decided to let Xu Rong Rong pass the interview by lighting the green button.

“Thank you, thank you!” Xu Rong Rong took the slip of paper written pass and left the interview room with repeated thanks.

After left the room, Xu Rong Rong quickly run to the bathroom to reapply make-up.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Xu Rong couldn’t help making all kinds of grimace and said happily, “Xu Rong Rong, you are a genious in acting. The Academy Awards should be given to you. No, as long as you shed a few tears and pretend to be pitiful, you can pass easily. Hahaha, you dare to say it. Can get out of the kitchen and enter the hall.”


Xu Rong Rong happily minding her own business in the empty lady’s room for some time.

After finished applying the make-up, she changed to a virtuous lady and walked out of lady’s room.

Next round of blind date starts

Xu Rong Rong smacked her delicate cherry lips all the way, behaving cute, relying on utmost respect and love for the party and the people, and determine not to hit the wall or look back, swear that will find a male god that is more than a hundred times stronger than Gu Yan Ze. Overcoming challenges, get rid of tears and sadness, heading to the green door gracefully.

As soon as she entered, Xu Rong Rong didn’t forget to look back at the heartbroken crowd and the clerk can’t bear her cuteness. Then, the kind and calm clerk, blow kiss:” Oh? Baby, I will live up to my expectations and choose a male god who is the most important!”

Xu Rong Rong clenches her fist, concern about her aim.

Gu Yan Ze, you wait and see me bring a soldier brother to you, shattered your dignity!

However, Xu Rong Rong is stunned for a moment after pushed the green door. The upper-class atmosphere made her think the inferior quality of a small leather bag that she spent 28 yuan on Taobao

At the same time, she could feel an intimidating cold atmosphere. But, Grandma, it should be a lively and exciting atmosphere!

Although Xu Rong Rong didn’t know what cause the chill, cold like an ice house, she shrunk her shoulder and is about to turn back.

“Sorry, miss. We didn’t allow any withdrawal during the competition.

The beautiful receptionist thought Xu Rong Rong wanted to withdraw, seeing her at the door. Thus pushed her smoothly with her hands into the room. Therefore, Xu Rong Rong is forced to the circle of interviewers, “Sorry Miss, we do not accept withdrawal in the mid of competition.”

Forget about it. If already inside the room, she will be safe. Probably the low temperature caused by the air conditioner.

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