Chapter 6: Xu Rong Rong is Over the Moon

Xu Rong Rong sits down after looking for her chair number

Not long after that, the indescribable feeling of cold temperature is slowly disappearing.  

Gu Yan Ze, you wait and see my peach blossom! Hahaha!”

Xu Rong Rong couldn’t help but giggle when she imagined a scene where Gu Yan Ze and Shen Ya Ting were shocked by her handsome soldier brother. However, when the ladies nearby Xu Rong Rong saw her foolish expression, they avoided her afraid that their image will drop.

“It’s true that all kinds of birds exist in a big forest.” The woman spoke annoyingly, which didn’t match her graceful dress.

Xu Rong Rong imagined that a handsome muscular young man walked towards purplish face Gu Yan Ze. She didn’t listen to the woman at all.



The grand blind date was huge.

The forty beauties are all elegant and graceful. But, of course, except Xu Rong Rong.

When the host announces that the blind date is officially begun, introducing a quiet and calm blind date partner at the corner, all participants tremble.

Of course, except for Xu Rong Rong, who is staring at the handsome young guy. The man at the corner is Zhan Yi Yang.

He is wearing a green military uniform and is full of heroism. However, the golden star on his shoulder that symbolizes his status as an officer is even more eye-catching.


Zhan Yi Yang sits quietly at the corner opposite Xu Rong Rong. Not many words, his amber pupil exudes coldness. His thick eyebrows and his handsome face capture the hearts of the thirty-nine beauties before the host introduced him.

The one that didn’t notice him was a silly woman who didn’t look at him since she entered.

Zhan Yi Yang is aware of her.

Isn’t she the one that in a sorry figure he met before? So this woman ignores his majestic general appearance and falls for average soldier appearance?


Zhan Yi Yang crosses ten fingers, calmly catering to the gaze of the beauties, talking all the orders one by one.

Anyway, getting married and having kids are something that a woman can do. So pick one randomly.

Thinking of this, Zhan Yi Yang’s gaze shifted to the stupid woman still staring at the soldier. Then, ponder quietly, his eyes start to brighten up.

Foolish woman. If marry a stupid woman wouldn’t hinder anything.

At this moment, Xu Rong Rong felt cold. The same coldness when she entered. She looks at the soldier excitedly and is suddenly curious why the air conditioner makes the temperature go up and down? The electronics equipment in the military is too weak!

After trembling, Xu Rong Rong couldn’t help but sneeze. She rubs her nose sadly, “Who said bad things behind her back!”

Before finding out the culprit, the first round of blind dates began like a raging fire.

Xu Rong Rong spots a beautiful woman with a red and shy face who chose her favorite soldier brother. She is irritated as if her soldier brother would be snatched away. Therefore, when Xu Rong Rong’s turn to choose a blind date partner, she rushes to the stage without hesitation. So excitedly voted for soldier brother and unable to restrain the enjoyment that she didn’t forget to show a warm look of her eyes before left.

Too bad, the soldier turns his head to the other side awkwardly when he meets Xu Rong Rong’s gaze.

Xu Rong smiled and said, “Oh my! Kind of shy.”

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