Chapter 6

Maids who saw Xiao Tong behaved weirdly whispered among themselves. One of the maids said, “Look at Miss. Behave weirdly. Rumors are true. Miss has become stupid after lost memories. Who asks her to bully us all the time. She deserved it. Humph!”

The maids were talking back of Xiao Tong. Their dissatisfaction with Xiao Tong was at the peak. The one that they pity was Xiao Tong’s personal maid, Ah Sa. She was the 10th personal maid that Lai Man Yuan hired this year. Ah Sa had been enduring Xiao Tong’s bad temper and tantrum. Poor Ah Sa. They all sighed.

“Xiao Tong, she is Ah Sa. Your personal maid. She will be in charge of your daily necessities.” Said Lai Man Yuan

“Sister Ah Sa, will bother you to take care of my daily necessities.” Said Xiao Tong.

Ah Sa was stoned and couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Miss, I didn’t deserve to be called sister. Call me Ah Sa, as usual, will do.” Ah Sa was trembling and looked down at the floor.

Ah Sa was praying that nothing bad will happen to her. Last time, Xiao Tong called her sister with a smirked smile. It turns out Xiao Tong tricked her for the whole day. For the first time in her life, Ah Sa was exhausted and slept for more than 20 hours. Luckily, she asked for a day off, or else she would have doomed.


Xiao Tong was curious. What ‘previous Xiao Tong’ did that could make a person scared until like that. Was she a hateful person? Why would everyone afraid and dodged her like a pest?

“It’s fine. I will call you Sister Ah Sa from now onwards. Let the past be the past. I’m new Xiao Tong now.” Said Xiao Tong.

Lai Man Yuan felt Xiao Tong had changed. Well, loss of memories, not a bad thing.

“Ah Sa, just let Xiao Tong call you Sister Ah Sa. Go and prepare dinner now.” Said Lai Man Yuan.


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