Chapter 7: Why is it Him?

Partner selection finally ends.  Xu Rong Rong waits expectantly for the staff to lead her to the young soldier brother. But, oh yeah, everything seemed to be perfect. She fell in love with soldier brother at first sight!

In the end, Xu Rong Rong is disappointed. The soldier she likes doesn’t choose her, but the beautiful woman sitting next to Xu Rong Rong.

When she heard the result, Xu Rong Rong thought she misheard it. She grits her teeth and looks at the shy soldier brother who is leading the beautiful woman away.

“What? What an eyesore!”

Zhan Yi Yang is closing his eyes while resting. Then, suddenly, he hears Xu Rong Rong’s dissatisfaction.

He slowly opens and closes his eyes again.  

That’s right. What made Xu Rong Rong ignore this handsome officer so far?

Zhan Yi Yang didn’t bother to lift his eyelids and directly rejected his admirers repeatedly. Finally, all the beauties sighed and wept tears. Then, taking small steps, they reluctantly give up this golden tortoise, Zhan Yi Yang.

Xu Rong Rong grits her teeth and vents her gaze over the remaining soldier brother. She finally spotted Zhan Yi Yang. But she is frightened by his solemn expression, “Isn’t he is the one that I met in the lift yesterday? So he is a military officer? Oh god, he looks so fierce and mean!”

Previously, she didn’t pay much attention, but today, after shifting attention from the young soldier guy, she unexpectedly discovered this scary guy.

Marry this guy, and he will beat his wife every day?


Her mouth trembles and she quickly shifts her gaze on a handsome soldier.

Frustrated, the soldier doesn’t choose her.

Xu Rong Rong watches the happy soldiers and beauties paired with each other and talks about happiness. However, Xu Rong Rong is full of grievances and almost cry after being rejected for a few rounds.

Fortunately, the host announces, “Good show is left behind. Next is the finale of our military-civilian blind date meeting. So let’s wait and see together!”

When the host stands next to Xu Rong Rong, who is still weeping her tears, he pats her shoulder, “Young Miss, I have good prospects on you!”

After finished talking, he pushes Xu Rong Rong causing her to stumble and flattering her hands while falling towards Zhan Yi Yang’s embrace.


Xu Rong Rong frightenedly shouting. However, she doesn’t feel pain as she expected.

Instead, she is in a solid and warm embrace. Xu Rong Rong doesnt’t has time to think about it. The authoritative and cold voice comes from her top of the head, “Don’t shout anymore.”

Zhan Yi Yang covers her mouth to shut down such a high decibel scream that attracts people. Zhan Yi Yang is starting to feel a headache and Xu Rong Rong is reprimanding Zhan Yi Yang. Immediately she obediently shuts her mouth, but tears flow. The rest continues to chat with other women and laugh without even looking at her.

When Xu Rong Rong stands up and looks at the person who embraces her, she can’t help but cry loudly.


Why, why is it him?!

This officer looks fierce!

Besides, he had seen her sorry state in the lift that night!

Zhan Yi Yang’s mood is down immediately. What did he do? She was fine before seeing him but cried in suddenly after seeing him. Does he looks scary!

On the other side, after hearing from the army leader that Zhan Yi Yang keeps rejecting female partners, the soldier repeatedly leaves Xu Rong Rong. Thus, they think that this round, Xu Rong Rong, should be dismissed as expected. That’s why, she is crying sadly.

Few leaders gather and discuss quietly. They decisively paired Zhan Yi Yang and Xu Rong Rong. What a good deed they have done, helped the young girl fulfill her wish and helped Zhan Yi Yang also. Killing two birds with one stone!

“Good girl, if you like our Zhan Yi Yang so much, then get married!.  We granted this marriage!”

“Wu wu wu…”

She … she doesn’t want…

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