Chapter 7

“Xiao Tong, mom told the chef to prepare your favorite dishes. You must eat a lot. See, you have become thinner since you had hospitalized.” Said Lai Man Yuan while sizing Xiao Tong.

“Am I?” Xiao Tong asked while looking at her chubby fingers and palm.

Lai Man Yuan didn’t like Xiao Tong to lose weight because Xiao Tong’s method was exaggerated and had side effect which harms health.

“Yes, you are. Now don’t think of any ideas, especially terrible ones to slim down again.” Said Lai Man Yuan while leading Xiao Tong to her room.

Now, Xiao Tong was curious to know what her appearance was. Fat or very fat. Ugly or average look. Seeing how the maids avoid her, Xiao Tong’s expectation was low.

When Xiao Tong reached her room, she excused Lai Man Yuan that she was tired and needed rest.

Right after Lai Man Yuan left, Xiao Tong started to look for a mirror!

Xiao Tong stood in front of the mirror and scanned her body. From top to bottom, hair to skin, chest to buttock.

Xiao Tong sighed. How much this owner ate to have this much fat. Her belly had the most fats. No wonder old Xiao Tong used all sorts of methods to trim this fat excess. 

Xiao Tong was determined to lose fats. She would slim down healthily, unlike the previous Xiao Tong. Now, Xiao Tong had a second chance to live again. She would live her life to the fullest.

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