Chapter 8: Male God comes over

Early morning in the following day.

An army green vehicle is crossing the street in front of the community garden. Older men and women who are exercising are taken aback for a moment, thinking there was a homicide in the community.

Their pace stops, eyes fix on the military vehicle.

After a while, a man in military uniform got out of the vehicle. Uniform is well-fitted, handsome, with distinct facial features, standing in front of the army car, making him a majestic and oppressive aura.

“Young man, what is the matter? The grandmother with red silk fan squeezed over and asked eagerly. Zhan Yi Yang glances at the community, “May I know how to go to Building No.17? I’m looking for Xu Rong Rong.”

“Ah, looking for Rong Rong.” Another old lady urgently walks over. “What about Rong Rong? Our Rong Rong is filial and always made us laugh…”

“Yes, yes. Rong Rong is a good lady. If my son wants to marry, I will pair them.”

Match his Rong Rong with another guy?

Under his military cap, Zhan Yi Yang’s sharp eyes flash over and says, “I am her fiancé.”

Old ladies were surprised and surrounded Zhan Yi Yang. Then, they took her to Xu Rong Rong’s place and at the same time, did not forget to tell, “You must treat Rong Rong well. We all love her.”


“That’s right. That’s right. Even though you are an officer, if you bully Rong Rong, we will seek justice for Rong Rong!”

Zhan Yi Yang listens to their rant while waiting for the fool woman. It looks like she didn’t open it and felt sorry for the elder, wondering that stupid woman didn’t open the door and felt sorry for the elder.

Finally, Zhan Yi Yang reaches Xu Rong Rong’s house. He thanked the elder’s women and pressed the doorbell. The one who opened the door was Xu Rong Rong’s mother, He Hui Lan. She is surprised to see such a vast crowd, “What is happening? This is?”

Neighbors tell He Hui Lan. She gathers all information and concludes that the tall and handsome military uniform that people surrounded was her son-in-law!


Her daughter, isn’t Xu Rong Rong abandoned?

Where did this son-in-law come from?

But, this son-in-law is not bad. Extremely attractive.

Mother Xu turns around and shouts at the room, “Old Xu, call Xu Rong Rong!”

Old Xu picks up the sleepy Xu Rong Rong by her back of the neck.

The neighbors and the rest of the elders squeezed into the small living room of Xu’s family and chatting with excitement.

Once in a while, Mothe Xu will glance over to Zhan Yi Yang.

To speak the truth, this young guy’s appearance…

Hey, our daughter is not bad—the inherent natural beauty from her.

“Grandfather, I’m sleepy…” Xu Rong Rong was wearing a pink bunny pajama dress, rubbing eyes with pouted lips.

“Xu Rong Rong. Your husband is here!”

Xu Rong Rong woke up all in a sudden.


She is innocent.

While waiting for her spirit to return, Zhan Yi Yang is sitting upright on the sofa. Coupled with his military uniform, her majestic and domineering aura appearance makes him more outstanding and handsome. He looks calm and relaxed that will boss around anytime.

With a surprised expression, what kind of situation is this?

“You.. You…”

He is the fierce soldier guy that will whip me to death. But, come to my house for what.

Zhan Yi Yang’s corner lips lift while looking at Xu Rong Rong that was surprised. She doesn’t care about her appearance.

Xu Rong Rong is standing there while wearing pajama. Petite and thin figure, shocked eyes. Even cuter with the little bunny pattern on her pajama.

It looks easy to bully this white bunny.

“Go to the room and talk.” Mother Xu quickly drag Xu Rong Rong and Zhan Yi Yang to the room.

Ah… Mother, is your daughter going to get married?

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