Chapter 8

Without wasting time, Xiao Tong started to explore her room. Just like a princess room. Everything was in pink. Xiao Tong not used to have a girly room. She preferred a warm and cozy room.

Xiao Tong was more interested in personalized items. She searched high and low to look for the “previous Xiao Tong” details and information. Finally, she found the previous Xiao Tong’s old photos and diaries. The diary seems new, and the book was half-written.

Xiao Tong was thrilled and excited. She wanted to know more about the “previous Xiao Tong.” Without hesitation, Xiao Tong opened the diaries and started to read the contents.

Xiao Tong furrowed her brow and mumbling “How could she behaved this way?”

Xiao Tong knew that “previous Xiao Tong” had a bad temper and rude. But she couldn’t imagine previous Xiao Tong was a bully as well. Old Xiao Tong was spoilt until she thought she was a real princess and trampled on others. No wonder, except her parents, nobody likes her. They were entertaining Xiao Tong because Xiao Tong was a rich girl and due to her parent’s influence in the business world. Initially, Xiao Tong thought Yun Feng don’t like previous Xiao Tong because of her appearance. It turns out the problem comes from Xiao Tong’s behavior and attitude.

“This is bad. I would rather die than continue the previous Xiao Tong’s way of living.” Xiao Tong pondered and suddenly had an idea.

“Wait, I could change the ‘previous Xiao Tong’. I’ll continue to pretend to lose memories and turn 180 degrees, become the opposite of the previous Xiao Tong. This way, not only could I help Xiao Tong gain a good reputation, I could live in my way as well. It’s plus points!”

Xiao Tong grinned happily and rolled over her princess bed while holding the diaries. At that moment, few photos of Yun Feng slipped out from the diary.

“Is previous Xiao Tong a stalker or what? She took these photos secretly.” Xiao Tong looked at the photos and found that the previous Xiao Tong took all photos at school with weird angles.

From the diary and photos, Xiao Tong concluded that previous Xiao Tong likes Yun Feng crazily. 100% love. However, it’s unrequited love.

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