Chapter 9: Forced to Get a Marriage Certificate

Xu Rong Rong leads Zhan Yi Yang to her small room. It’s girlish, and everything is in pink. Big pink bed and there is a giant rabbit doll as well.

Xu Rong Rong purses her lips, frowns and asks in dissatisfaction, “Hey, what are you doing here?” Xu Zhan Yi Yang looks fixedly at her, “To bring you to Bureau of Civil Affairs.”


Xu Rong Rong is stupefy and at a loss.

Bureau of Civil Affairs?



She doesn’t want to marry this terrifying soldier guy ah!

“Want to get married!” Mother Xu hears the conversation when she enters the room while carrying cut fruits. Finally, finally, somebody is willing to marry her lass daughter.


Her face is full of satisfaction.


Xu Rong Rong stares angrily at Zhan Yi Yang.


However, Zhan Yi Yang appears to smile but yet not smile. Eaglehawk eyes that bring mystery plus with excellent appearance looking at Xu Rong Rong

Actually, his eyes are sneering if observed him correctly. It turns out he is the one that had “putting ice” on her!

Wu, this Zhan Yi Yang is too intidimating!

Zhan Yi Yang murmurs, “Why didn’t you tell aunt? Hmm?”

He smiles, walks over to Xu Rong Rong acting affectionately by brushing her hair of strand to her back ear, “Everything is ready for my side.”

Xu Rong Rong shockingly look at him, “You…”

Her pink lips slightly open, dark eye pupil staring at Zhan Yi Yang. Just a moment ago, Zhan Yi Yang mocks at her. Why so fast?

Is he a military officer or an Oscar actor?

Mother Xu, who is at the side, seeing Zhan Yi Yang treats Xu Rong Rong well and intends to prepare a wedding.

This guy is a hundred times better than the scumbag Gu Yan Ze. With excitement and raise voice, she pats Xu Rong Rong, “Look at you. You are touched.”

Mother Xu speaks while looking at Zhan Yi Yang.

“Both of you continue talking. I will bring more fruits.”

Mom, are you such a bootlicker?

Just now, dog licker comes in? Ready to send Xu Rong Rong away for marriage.  

“Thanks, Aunt.” Says Zhan Yi Yang, feels Xu Rong Rong is moving thus swiftly grabs her shoulder with a sharp gaze.

Xu Rong Rong thinks that she is taken advantage of. She lowers her shoulders, looking at him, “What do you want?”

White bunny’s eyes are clear and bright, beautiful as if a crystal clear covering her pupils. Zhan Yi Yang smiles with satisfaction and with a soft voice, “Marry, to marry you..”


What is he doing? Marriage proposal? Obviously, it is a forced marriage!

“Mariage.” Xu Rong Rong wriggles her fingers with an aggrieved looking.

“Can you..”

“No, this marriage is a must.” Zhan Yi Yang knows what White Bunny is thinking. He refuses to listen.

“Why are you like this!” Xu Rong Rong purses her pink lips and is about to cry.

“You are too much!”

Zhan Yi Yang hands Xu Rong Rong a document, smiles, and calmly says, “Take a look. Then, let me know if I’m truly too much.”

After finished talking, Zhan Yi Yang affectionately stroking Xu Rong Rong’s black hair.

Xu Rong Rong deeply felt that his attitude and actions are like a big bad wolf that wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

Xu Rong Rong anxiously and quickly read the document.

She points at Zhan Yi Yang.

“You, you…”

The morning light shines upon his white bunny’s fair face. Although instantly, Xu Rong Rong’s eyes are red, tears will drop anytime.

Without warning and unintentionally, Zhan Yi Yang lowers his head and bites her lips, “This is so-called too much.”

Xu Rong Rong is petrified.

Meanwhile, Zhan Yi Yang, he slightly stuns. He isn’t a frivolous person that couldn’t restrain himself. But, when comes to Xu Rong Rong..

Xu Rong Rong dated that scumbag Gu Yan Ze for three months which they hold hands only but to Zhan Yi Yang, whom she met twice, he already bit her?

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