Live Well and Be Happy

Xiao Tong transmigrated to rich and pampered daughter of Lai Man Yuan and Li Man Tian.

“Ah, my head hurts. Huh, why are there bandages wrapped around my head?” Xiao Tong remembered that her hand was injured and not the head. Why her hand had no injuries but the head?

“So, the rumors were true. You have become a fool.” Yun Feng didn’t like Xiao Tong because she would try all kinds of methods to pursue him. Too bad, not even the slightest feeling he had for Xiao Tong. Yun Feng resented Xiao Tong for bugging him all the time.

Xiao Tong’s changed of attitude and manner attracted Yun Feng. Bit by bit, Yun Feng fell to Xiao Tong’s charm. In the end, it was Yun Feng woo Xiao Tong.

Aunt Su Li chuckled while reading the report, “This Yun Feng. Served him right. He didn’t appreciate and accept Xiao Tong’s pursuit. Now, their roles are reversed. It’s karma.”

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