Live Well and Be Happy

Xiao Tong was a happy-go-lucky girl, easy-going and quite a lot of male friends pursue her. However, she was dumb when comes to a romantic relationship. Xiao Tong’s parents that had passed away, appeared in her dream on the day the robber injured her.  Her parent wished Xiao Tong could enjoy family love again and hence they sent Xiao Tong to replace the daughter of Lai Man Yuan and Li Man Tian, also known as Xiao Tong. Both of them love their daughter so much that they would sacrifice themselves. However, the ‘original’ Xiao Tong didn’t appreciate and became pampered, spoilt rich girl. The ‘original’ Xiao Tong loves Yun Feng, but he despises her because of her attitude princess syndrome. How would Xiao Tong portray the ‘original’ Xiao Tong? Does Xiao Tong attract the attention of Yun Feng?

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Chapter 2

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