Unforeseen Love

Unforeseen Love

This story happened in olden ancient Chinese time.

“Sun Meng, are there any fishes left?” The villager asked while looking around. “All sold out. Come early next time. The Chinese New Year is around the corner. It’s expected that all raw food sold out early.” Said, Sun Meng. Sun Meng was a fisherman that lived in Sesame Village since he was born. His wife passed away due to birth difficulties after giving birth to a cute baby girl, Li Mei. Since then, Sun Meng has been raising her himself until he thought it would be good to get a wife and helped him raise her daughter.

Very soon, Sun Meng finally got himself a wife, Yi Lai. She was a widow and had a daughter, Tan Jun same age as Sun Meng. Unexpectedly, their birthday fell on the same day. Sun Meng was thrilled and excited that it was fate that they became a family.

Fifteen years later, Li Mei had grown to a pretty and kind girl, whereas Tan Jun’s appearance was average and often asked for money. “Mother, give me money.” Tan Jun said while stretching her hand.

Yi Lai smacked her hand and said, “Tan Jun, mother gave you allowance two days ago. Where is it gone to? Can’t you behave like your sister, Li Mei? She always thinks of other people before herself. The money that she saved gives to your father and me. Not like you, always asks for money.”

Tan Jun pouted and said, “Mother, she is Li Mei, not me. I am Tan Jun. Can you please don’t compare me with her? I’m your biological daughter. You should give me more money.”

“Sister, do you need money? I have some. Take it.” Said Li Mei while passing the money to Tan Jun. Yi Lai stopped Li Mei, “Don’t give the money to her. She becomes like this because I spoilt her. “Yi Lai sighed and handed some money to Tan Jun. Tan Jun immediately flee from the house and skipping to market excitedly.

“Li Mei, this your hard-earned money. Don’t waste it on Tan Jun.” Yi Lai said sincerely. “Mother, I don’t mind as long as Tan Jun happy. She is my younger sister.” Li Mei said. “Li Mei, if Tan Jun has half of your personality, I would be pleased and willing to become vegetarian for the rest of my life.

“Mother, Tan Jun still young. When Tan Jun grows up, she will behave well.” Said Li Mei while holding and patting Sun Meng’s hand.

“Tan Jun, where is the money?” Wu Jin asked while stretching his hand. Tan Jun rolled her eyes and ignored him. A few days ago, Tan Jun accidentally broke Wu Jin’s wine while walking along the street. In Tan Jun’s eyes, Wu Jin’s fault that the wine fell on the ground. He was drunk and didn’t walk properly.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me.” Wu Jin grabbed her arm and refused to let go. “Let me go! You smelly retard boy.” Tan Jun didn’t hesitate to scold him loudly in the middle of the market. “Everyone, help me. This person tried to harass me in the middle of the day.” Tan Jun purposely shouted for help to scare Wu Jin away.

Wu Jin never thought Tan Jun would use this method to soil his reputation. God didn’t side him this time as, during the struggle, Wu Jin accidentally tore her sleeve, revealing fair and soft skin.

Tan Jun was shocked and quickly covered her exposed arm.

“Hey, you. It’s inappropriate to harass a girl. Let her go, or I will report to the magistrate.” Said the young man while separating them away.

Tan Jun immediately hide behind the young man and sobbing pitifully.

Many people surrounded them and pinpointed finger at Wu Jin. He felt ashamed and ran away from the scene. Deep in his heart, he said, “Tan Jun, wait for me. I will let you taste hundred times what I felt today!”

The young man asked with a gentle voice, “Miss, that guy is already gone. Are you fine? Do you hurt anywhere?”

Tan Jun’s heart was racing and fluttering when she saw his face. All this time, she didn’t see his appearance since she stood behind him. The young man in front of her was pretty with fair skin. As good as a young girl. Tan Jun was ashamed that she was nothing compared to the young guy.

“Miss?” The young man took out his outer robe and draped it on Tan Jun.

Tan Jun immediately woke up from her daydream and said, “Young master, I’m fine. Thank you for your help. My name is Tan Jun.”

The young man replied while bowing politely, “My name is Shao Meng. It’s good that you are fine. I’m on my way to visit a relative on the other side of the village. The day not early anymore. Do you know where the inn is?”

In an instant, Tan Jun brightened up and said, “Young master Shao, to repay your kindness, I would like to invite you to stay with my family. My house isn’t big or glamourous. I hope young master didn’t mind.”

Tan Jun wanted to take this chance to get close with him. In her whole life, she has never seen such a pretty guy with a kind heart. Tan Jun intended to marry him and become his wife.

Shao Meng nodded and said, “Please call me Shao Meng. Thank you for your offer. I appreciate it.”

“Shao Meng, your relative lived at which village?” Tan Jun asked while leading the way to her house.

“My relative lived quite far from this village. I will need to recharge the food supply before continuing my journey.” Shao Meng replied.

“Don’t worry, Shao Meng. You may stay with my family as long as you wanted.” Tan Jun didn’t hesitate to reply and invite him to stay with her for a few days.

Shao Meng was a prince. Every year, he would leave the palace and visit places to see how the commoner was doing and at the same time widened his knowledge, experience the life of a commoner. This time, he reached to this village and saw Tan Jun bullied by a commoner.

Soon, Tan Jun and Shao Meng reached. The house was small yet neat and tidy. It was fenced up with small wooden logs and had a small farm in front of the house.

When they were entering, Shao Meng saw a fair young lady with hair tied to one side, carrying a basket of vegetables and went to the kitchen at the back of the house.

“Who is that young lady?” Shao Meng asked curiously.

“She is my elder sister, Li Mei.” Tan Jun replied and led him into the house.

“Tan Jun, what happened to you? Why did you wear man’s outer robe?” Yi Lai asked curiously and became more worried as she spotted a torn sleeve.

“Tell me. Is this guy tore your sleeve?” Yi Lai asked with a severe expression and ready herself to hit the guy if Tan Jun said yes.

“Mother, don’t misunderstand. He is my life-saver, saved me from that drunk Wu Jin.” Tan Jun immediately explained.

Yi Lai softened and said, “Young master, thank you for saving Tan Jun. I nearly wronged you.”

“No worries, Aunt. The misunderstanding had cleared. Please call me Shao Meng.”

Tan Jun further explained that to repay his kindness. She invited Shao Meng to stay with them for a few days. Yi Lai agreed and quickly informed Li Mei to tidy the guest room and changed the new bedsheet. She was surprised to see a pretty young man chatting with Yi Lai and Tan Jun. “Sister, he is my life-saver, Shao Meng. He will stay with us for few days before continuing his journey.”

“I’m Li Mei, Tan Jun’s elder sister.” Li Mei said while bowing politely.

Wu Jin replied, “Nice to meet you. I will bother you when I stay here.” Said Shao Meng gently and politely.

During dinner, Tan Jun was very talkative. As she was curious about Shao Meng’s background and wanted to know more about him, Tan Jun kept asking him non-stop. At last, Yi Lai said, “Tan Jun, stop talking. Let Shao Meng continue his dinner. See his rice bowl. Still full.”

Tan Jun looked at Shao Meng’s rice bowl and immediately ashamed of herself, “Shao Meng, I’m sorry. I will talk lesser.”

“No worries, we can continue chatting after this.” Shao Meng said.

At night, Tan Jun couldn’t sleep and toss for a while already. Li Mei sensed that Tan Jun was not herself. Hence she asked, “Tan Jun, tell me. Are you worried about something? What’s in your head?”

Tan Jun stared at Li Mei without blinking and asked,” Sister, what do you think of Shao Meng?” Li Mei pondered for a while and replied, “He is somewhat kind and polite.”

Li Mei sensed that Tan Jun craved more elaborations of Shao Meng, “Shao Meng is kind of good candidate husband. Whoever marries him is the lady’s fortune. With his personality, his future wife will not suffer. Not only that, his appearance is superb. Only the prettiest girl could match him, or else, it would be like an ugly duck pair with a swan.

The more Li Mei said, Tan Jun’s no longer had a mood to hear her opinion about Shao Meng.  Li Mei grabbed Tan Jun’s hand and said, “Silly girl, you like Shao Meng, right?”

Tan Jun’s eyes widened and her face became red, “I… I..”

Tan Jun stuttered and embarrassedly said, “Sister, do you like Wu Jin too? You are pretty. He is handsome. Both of you look good together, like a match made heaven.”

Li Mei replied, “You fool. Sister, treat him as your life-saver—nothing else. But if you want to be together with him, it isn’t easy. Shao Meng is not from our village. I don’t think father will agree. I will talk a good word of Shao Meng when father comes back.”

Tan Jun was relieved and grinned, “Sister, you are the best sister in the world.” Tan Jun hugged Li Mei and said, “Counting the days, the father will be back in two days. It’s just nice that Tan Jun will leave in three days.”

Li Mei, “Tan Jun, let’s sleep. It’s not early anymore.”

The next day, Wu Jin went to a forest and set up a trap as he knew that Tan Jun always passed this area on picking some herbs. He then hides in the bushes and waits for Tan Jun. The trap that he set up was a deep hole that a person couldn’t climb out unless the person had martial art. The hole was covered and blend in with the surrounding.

Wu Jin sighed after waiting for a few hours. He gave up, lamented himself for being silly, wanting to trick Tan Jun. Now, he was the one who suffered, dug the hole and now got to backfill the hole. “This is bad. I forgot where the hole is.” Wu Jin scratched his head and looked around. The new martial art that he was practicing made him forgetful and addicted to wine. Not to mention, he looked like a homeless person.

At that time, Tan Jun saw Wu Jin looked around anxiously. “Wu Jin, why are you here at this hour?” Tan Jun said and looking at him suspiciously.

Wu Jin quickly replied, “Stop. Don’t walk anymore. Stand still.”

Tan Jun’s personality was rebel type. The more somebody stops her from doing things, the more eager she does it.

“Why should I? Your grandfather does not own this mountain.” Tan Jun said while walking with no intention of listening to Wu Jin.

Unconsciously, she stepped on the hole. “Ahhhh.” Tan Jun screamed. The basket that she was holding was thrown into the air, her arms and legs flipping in the air. At that moment, Wu Jin quickly grabbed her. With a martial art, he managed to land in the hole without injury. He nudged Tan Jun, which was in his arm, “Tan Jun, are you alright?”

Tan Jun slowly opened her eyes and saw Wu Jin looking at her worriedly. They were close to each other. Instantly, their face became red and distanced themselves while looking at the hole they were in awkwardly.

“I’m fine.” Tan Jun said in a soft and shy voice. For the first time, Wu Jin heard her voice in a gentle manner. His heart was fluttering and racing.

Wu Jin didn’t use this kind of mood. Thus, he said roughly, “If you listen to me earlier, we won’t fell in this hole.” Wu Jin purposely didn’t tell the truth that he was the one who created the trap.

Tan Jun didn’t back out. With hands on her hips, and scold Wu Jin, “If you told me there is a trap, I wouldn’t have fallen to this hole.”

Wu Jin saved her, but she was ungrateful and even scolded him. Wu Jin couldn’t take it anymore and said, “If you asked me why I would have told you.”


Both of them bickering back and forth for a moment. At that time, strong wind gathered the dark cloud. The sky was getting darker.

Both of them didn’t notice the change in weather.

At one point, the lightning strike and thunder roared.


A thunderous sound startled Tan Jun. Unconsciously, she hugged Wu Jin while closing her eyes.

Once again, Wu Jin’s racing heartbeat that was calm down began to speed up.

“It’s just a rumble of thunder. Don’t be scared. I’m here.” Wu Jin said in a calm and steady voice

Tan Jun felt better after hearing assuring voice. She opened her eyes and looked at Wu Jin. The feeling she had now was different than Shao Meng’s.

A second later, the rain started to pour. Shao Meng and Tan Jun were wet from head to toe. The rain was heavy and soon, the water collected in the hole. Now the water level reached their ankle.

“Tan Jun, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.” Wu Jin said.

Tan Jun was looking at Wu Jin worriedly.

Wu Jin continued, “Do you believe me?”

Tan Jun stared at him blankly. Wu Jin was impatient and worried. Without further ado, he carried Tan Jun like a gunnysack and flew up, land on the ground.

Tan Jun was shocked, lamented Wu Jin in her heart that he should carry her in princess style. Tan Jun pushed Wu Jin and said, “If you know how to escape from the hole, why didn’t you said so?”

Wu Jin replied, “if you didn’t scold me and nagging like an old grandma, we would have escaped this hole earlier.”

With heavy rain downpour, the dirt on Wu Jin’s face and body washed clean. The current him was different, masculine face feature, tall and sturdy.

Tan Jun was stunned.

Wu Jin saw Tan Jun’s face getting red and thought she would catch a cold soon, “Tan Jun, I will walk you home. It’s dangerous to be alone in this mountain in this weather.”

That night, Tan Jun couldn’t sleep, thinking of Wu Jin. Li Mei couldn’t sleep as well. This afternoon when Li Mei and Shao Meng was alone, Shao Meng confessed his feeling to her. It was love at first sight. At first, Li Mei rejected him because of Tan Jun. However, Shao Meng didn’t give up. He tried to persuade and finally insisted on sending a wedding dowry. Li Mei now headache.

The following day, Wu Jin saw Li Mei hurriedly walked side by side with Doctor Fu. Wu Jin followed them and eavesdropping when they reached.

“Doctor Fu, quick. Examine my sister. She has a high fever and keeps mumbling.” Li Mei said.

Yi Lai quickly stood up and let Doctor Fu took Tan Jun’s pulse.

“There is a burden in her heart, plus her body exposed to cold wind for a long time. I will prescribe medicine for her. Remember to concoct the medicine for two hours. Make sure she drinks it three times a day until her fever is gone.” Doctor Fu said while writing the ingredients of the medicine.

Yi Lai and Li Mei were relieved.

At that time, Sun Meng came back home a day earlier due to unfavorable weather. He wasn’t able to catch any fishes. Sun Meng saw Wu Jin squatting down with ears stuck to the wooden wall. “Wu Jin, what are you doing?”

Wu Jin caught red-handed and stuttering. Finally, he replied, “I come here to see how Tan Jun is doing.”

Sun Meng looked at Wu Jin suspiciously, “Go in then.”

Sun Meng and Wu Jin walked into the house spotted Yi Lai, Li Mei, Doctor Fu and a stranger guy.

“Father, you came back early.” Li Mei said while walking to Sun Meng. Sun Meng nodded.

Yi Lai quickly explained the situation. While she was explaining, Sun Meng glanced at these two guys and her daughters. Wu Jin was looking at Tan Jun worriedly, whereas Shao Meng kept staring at Li Mei. Li Mei’s face was red, and she appeared shy.

After Yi Lai finished explaining, Sun Meng said while pointing at Shao Meng and Wu Jin, “Two of you follow me.”

They reached a nearby stream. Sun Meng crossed his hands and said, “What is your intention to my two daughters?”

There were silent moments, both Shao Meng and Wu Jin looked at each other. Both of them said at the same time.

“I want to marry Tan Jun,” said Wu Jin.

“I want to marry Li Mei,” said Shao Meng.

Sun Meng looked at them, trying to scale their sincerity. It turns out both of them wanted to marry their daughter sincerely. For Wu Jin, Sun Meng knew he was an upright, with good martial arts. He will protect Tan Jun well and wouldn’t let her suffer. Whereas Shao Meng, Sun Meng didn’t know him well, so Sun Meng reluctant to hand Li Mei to him. With Shao Meng’s appearance, many young ladies would try to seduce or snatch him away. Would Li Mei able to endure this kind of day?

Sun Meng asked, “Did my daughters already agree?”

Both of them shook their head.

At that moment, there was a group of people headed to them, “Prince, the emperor is looking for you urgently.”

Sun Meng and Wu Jin were shocked. They couldn’t believe that the pretty boy was a prince. Sun Meng thought if the Prince wanted to marry Li Mei, he had to agree or else his whole family would in trouble for disobeying the Prince.

Shao Meng nodded and said, “This prince will go back in a while.”

Shao Meng turned around and faced Sun Meng, “Uncle, my words are still valid. Even though Li Mei hasn’t agreed to marry me, she has a feeling for me. Uncle, I wish to get your permission for the marriage.”

Sun Meng was touched. This Prince didn’t force him to hand over Li Mei. Sun Meng cupped his hand and said,” Prince, if Li Mei willing to marry. I will grant this marriage.”

Shao Meng was thrilled. Immediately, he expressed the gratitude and postponed his journey to the palace. Shao Meng, Sun Meng, and Wu Jin went back to the house. The two young guys confessed and proposed to their loved ones.

Three months later, two sisters married on the same day. Sun Meng and Yi Lai were pleased with their daughter’s marriage.

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